Gibb & Riot

We have two very challenging Chihuahua’s one of which has epilepsy and requires medication and is sensitive to stress. I can’t tell you how fantastic it has been to have Shirley take care of our boys while we go out of town. She is so good with them and the boys love her, she is known in the building as the dog whisperer. A nick name she truly deserves. While we love our dogs and think they are sweethearts they don’t generally take to others. Shirley was able to work with them right away. She is patient and kind and we always take such comfort in the fact that when we are gone we no longer need to board them and worry if the medication is dispensed properly. We have also hired her to take them on walks when we are going to be gone during the day and she had been terrific. Making sure they have water and feeding them if necessary. I can’t recommend her services enough!



Shirley has been our life-saver! Kali, my 10 year old cocker spaniel has had surgery for a torn ACL, and lung surgery. She has heart disease, arthritis and chronic bronchitis. I trust no one but Shirley. Not only is she completely dependable, but she will do whatever, whenever you need. She has sat with kali after surgeries so I could get out, she has learned all of her medications, timing and special food requirements, keeps all emergency contacts and has plan in place should it arise. She stays overnight when needed and gives Kali 110%, while constantly sending me pictures, videos and anything I need to see Kali is doing great. She is over the top accommodating, flexible and ONLY pays attention to your pet at your time.

You will never see her walking more than one dog at a time, talking on her cell phone while caring for your dog/pet, being carless with your pet off leash. Shirley will always make step by step decisions to keep your pet’s safety in mind at all times. She also is aware of the “all other” without you having to specify. She will always check water, living conditions, too hot, too cold, make sure nothing is odd while she is visiting your pet.

I have had a couple other dog walkers in the neighborhood before Shirley…. All I can say is my dog is my child, do not want to ever think about life without her…and I only trust Shirley in my absence.