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Meet Our Team!

Joe has been with SPP for over 7 years – that’s a lot in dog years! Growing up, Joe had dogs that ranged from Labradors to Dachshunds. Currently he works as a school counselor, but still enjoys an occasional dog walk or cat visit. During his free time, Joe enjoys spending time with his wife Paula and sitting in the bleachers at Wrigley Field.

Nuha was born and raised here in Chicago!  She works as a dietitian who specializes in diabetes care and is very passionate about health and nutrition.  She grew up with two cats and 17 backyard chickens and is currently a mother to two cats and the godmother of a Bernese Mountain pup.  In her free time she likes to bake, explore the city and do DIY projects around the house.  Being one of 7 siblings she’s used to lots of life, energy and moving pieces and loves what animals can add to life.  Nuha looks forward to all the wonderful animals she will meet and work with!

David has worked in the pet care service industry since 2019 and has gained the respect and gratitude of dozens of clients, canines, and cats across the city. When he is not caring for his client’s companions, he enjoys cycling, playing the guitar, and most of all, spending time with his wife Amanda and their three cats!